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 Student Animation

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PostSubject: Student Animation   Tue Jan 10, 2012 10:31 am

Hello stop-motion'eers!

We're a student film crew in our final year at Ryerson University producing our final massive project. What is that project? Well, it sure isn't a bake-off. It's a stop motion film, 5 minutes in length, at 24 frames a second.

What do we want from you? Nothing. BUT, if you're at all interested in seeing what we're doing, we've spent a significant amount of time and effort documenting the film making process.

If you want to know how we made our Burton-esque puppets, or designed our set, or found voice actors, or just plain want to see interesting things on the internet, check out

Or check out our Facebook page "The Meek, the Mad, and the Misinformed"!

Muchos gracias, and happy shooting!
- Kool Koala Productions
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Student Animation
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